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Sunday, July 8th 2012

5:07 PM

Fake preteen


Related article: Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2011 05:20:52 -0500 From: uberjedi12hotmail.com Subject: Chuck - Casey and Grimes - Chapter 1No copyright infringement intended, just a fun story I wrote about the tv show chuck... Whether or not my character portrayal is accurate, these stories are intended for adults (or curious teens)... if you don't like men having sex... why the hell are you on Nifty and do us a favor and go away... seriously. If you have comments please send they will be welcome. If you want specific pairings, I'll think about it. Please leave positive and negative feedback so I know whether or not to hang up my computer. Again no money is being made so no copyright infringement is being done. This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives. Publishing companies include : College Hill Pictures, Fake Empire, Wonderland Sound and Vision, and Warner Bros. Television. Thanks for reading and enjoy!"That's it." Colonel John Casey said to Sarah, "I'm going in after the twerp.""Are you sure? He's only been gone about five minutes?" Sarah said with a sharp look at John."Yeah, I told Bartowski that he shouldn't let Grimes go on a mission so soon after he was recruited. And..." John checks young tender preteens a nearby surveillance camera, in which he sees Morgan being dragged away by two very pissed-off Russians. "...I knew I'd be right. Be back in five you keep an eye out on Chuck, he's going to be meeting our contact within fifteen minutes."Sarah turned back to the cameras on her side of the van. She then updated Chuck on what was going on with Morgan, and Chuck responded by saying to 'unleash the Casey.' Casey grunted and grabbed his SIG Sauer P229 and jumped out of the back of the van, heading for the side entrance.The building layout was pretty standard for the corporate fat-cats who worked there, huge, easy access windows, and a fire-escape leading to the rooftop. Casey immediately walked to the small door just below the fire-escape and tried the lock, open, he thought, of course preteen models portal they left it open.Casey was just opening the door when he heard the sound of approaching footsteps. Casey put himself behind the door and leveled his gun at the door. Seconds later two armed guards came storming out with their guns pointed outward. Casey Slammed the door into the first man and quickly made a grab for the second. The first guard was immediately knocked unconscious and the second guard rolled to the side. Casey leveled his gun at the man but the other man also held his gun steady. They held eye contact for what seemed an eternity, then Casey said, "Unarmed? Like gentlemen?"The guard nodded and they both lowered their guns. They moved in and a flurry of blows began to fly. Casey blocks a punch aimed at his chest and counters with a punch to the goons face. The goon recoils and sweeps his legs under Casey to try and trip him. Casey jumps and jams his elbow towards the thug only to be preteens sex legal blocked by the other man's shoulder. The thug spins around and hits Casey with a powerful blow to the cheek with a hidden knife. Casey grunted and snakes his hands into the other man's defense, grabbing hold of the man's throat. Casey lifts the man with relative ease and tosses him into the building where the thug lands and foto model preteen crashes headfirst into preteen busty pics a row of crates. With both guards subdued, Casey grabs his gun and heads into the building.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Meanwhile. Man... I can't even do spying right. Chuck is going to kill me... assuming these guys don't first. Morgan thought as he waited in a small room with only two guards standing by the door. It's my first mission too... don't freak out Morgan you'll find a way out. Morgan was seated in a chair with his hands and legs tied tightly. Morgan could hardly move. He had been captured while he was watching the Russian Ambassador, who was discovered to be trafficking drugs and weapons into the country. Morgan had been hiding behind two very large plants located near the Ambassadors conference room when the guards had found him. As they had dragged him up the stairs onto lover preteen the third floor, Morgan wondered if he would be rescued. Unfortunately, the thugs had smashed his watch, removed his earpiece and made sure he had no weapons on his person. Secretly, Morgan enjoyed the searching. Suddenly the sexy preteen horny door opened to reveal a man in his mid-forties with a long scar down the left side of his face. He looked and Morgan and grinned and slowly walked into the room. "Who do you work for?" He asked with a heavy Russian preteen nude costumes accent. "N-N-Nobody. I was just admiring what a green thumb your maintenance person has. This building is in ship- shape." Morgan said body trembling slightly. "Oh good I was hoping I'd get to torture you, before I killed you." The man said to Morgan with coldness in his voice and eyes. Morgan gulped tanya preteen model but said nothing as the man turned and pulled in a small rolling table with several items on top of it. The preteen children porno man picked up a whip and pointed it at Morgan. free porno preteens Morgan said, "Uh... I don't really have high threshold for pain... can't you just recite one of Vladimir's speeches instead. I'd probably talk more." The torturer lifted the whip and slapped it across Morgan's face. The pain stung like a thousand needles and Morgan nearly cried out. Instead, he bit his lip and said nothing. The man lifted the whip again and began to mercilessly whip Morgan. After a minute the pain was so intense that Morgan began to cry out in pain. The torturer then put down the whip and said, "Are you ready to talk boy?"______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Where the hell is Morgan? Casey thought as he took down the last set of guards on the first floor. The man he had just litle or preteen captured was trying to wriggle out of young tender preteens Casey's viselike grip. Casey knew that the KGB members were probably already torturing Morgan and with what Casey knew of Morgan's threshold for pain, he wouldn't last long. Casey lifted the guard off of his feet and said in a dangerous tone,"Where is the man you found hiding here?""Go to hell you American pig." The guard then spit in Casey's face.Casey had to use all of his strength from snapping the guard's neck then and there. He instead put the guard in a headlock and tranq-ed him. Casey then began a wild search of the first floor, bursting through doors and tranq-ing as many KGB members as he could find. As soon as he was done with the first floor, he ran up the second flight illegal preteen nubiles of stairs and commenced the same pattern. He was definitely worried now and needed to find a Russian agent who could help him find Morgan before the mission was compromised.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I thought... someone would be fuck russian preteens here... by... now. Morgan preteen girl tgp was on the verge of unconsciousness. He had been tortured for nearly an hour and had bruises and cuts all over his body, a split lip, and several broken bones. I guess I'm going to die today... strange how I never told anyone I cared about how I've felt about... about... men. And now... no one ever will, I'll never know what the touch of a man will feel like. I will never be hugged or kissed bbs preteen sites like Sarah hugs or kisses Chuck. Well, at least now Chuck won't have to be disappointed in me.A tear slowly slid its way down Morgan's cheek and Morgan felt himself start to fall apart. I knew it would happen if I tried to be a hero. "Morgan's was just not good enough." General Beckman would say. Casey... Casey who trained me from the start... will he even care? His stupid emotional barriers have always been horrible to deal with. Ellie and Awesome won't be that upset, I was just kind of a nuisance. Big Mike has my mom to console, what does he care? At least I didn't crack under the pressure. I just hope... that the CIA will... make up a good story... about... how... I... died.With that Morgan passed out and the torturer turned to the two men."He is not going to break... take him to the roof and throw him over the edge."The two guards made a move towards Morgan but just then, The door was kicked off of its hinges and came crashing down on top of the torturer and one of the guards. Casey tranq-ed the last young tender preteens guard and foto model preteen looked around the room. When Casey saw Morgan he immediately called preteen cock suck Sarah on his watch,"Sarah we've got a man down. I repeat we have a man DOWN!"Sarah immediately called for an emergency medical team and told Casey to stay with Morgan to try and to talk to him and either keep him awake (if he wasn't unconscious) or try to wake him. (If he was under already) Casey ran over to Morgan and untied him, cutting the cords with a thai girls preteens knife he had kept hidden in a shoulder harness. He leaned over Morgan whose body lay still and tried to feel a pulse. It was very faint and fading slowly. Morgan's breath was very slow and shallow. Casey looked at Morgan and tried to think about anything he could do to slow Morgan's body from shutting down completely. Nothing in the room would have helped."Don't you die on me know little man." His voice was gruff but packed with emotion, something he had never let surface before. "I've seen worse than this and you'll be just fine."Morgan started to show signs of regaining consciousness. He looked through swollen eyes at Casey and smiled,"If this is death then I must have been sent to hell. Funny I feel a little too cold for this to be hell." His voice was slurred and had a raspy quality. Casey ripped part of his shirt and started to make a bandage for Morgan, "I stand corrected. This... might... be... heav-..." Then Morgan passed out again."What? Wake up Grimes... Grimes?" Casey was starting to lose his cool now. Morgan had lost a lot fuck russian preteens of blood and would need a transfusion soon if the squad didn't get there in the next five minutes. Casey saw Morgan's breath slow and Casey grabbed Morgan and shook him,"Don't die on me Grimes! preteen kid porn That's an order!" Casey knew carrying Morgan could be hazardous to both of them especially since Casey suspected that Morgan was bleeding internally. Casey started to shake and his breaths became faster and more jagged. He leaned into Morgan's ear and said in an almost pleading voice,"Grimes... Morgan... please don't give up on me..."______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Morgan awoke to a dull-lit room with smoke from a cigar veiling most of the room. Did they take me back to torture me or use me as bait? Morgan thought. Then he noticed a figure in the corner who stood up, unfortunately they were completely shadowed in smoke. Morgan tried to sit up but his arms wouldn't support him and he collapsed. The shadow shifted and moved towards Morgan quickly. Morgan then saw Colonel John Casey moving towards him from the smoke wearing his usual threatening glare. Casey however, just moved next to Morgan and gently pushed Morgan back into the pillows."You're safe now Grimes. You can thank me later."Morgan looked at Casey with relief and something else Casey didn't quite recognize. Morgan started to put him upright but was stopped by Casey."You're okay grimes... it's all right." His hand was as firm as his voice.Morgan choked back a sob and his vision swam with tears that he had been holding back while the torturer had cut him with razors."No... It's n-not okay." He said. His voice on the edge of breaking and his whole body began to quiver. "I was going to die! I knew it and I couldn't do anything about it. I was a liability. Did the mission even succeed?"Casey nodded and looked away."I realized something while I was being tortured... I haven't slept with anyone in a long time, I haven't fulfilled my dreams and I don't even think I'll ever be able tell anyone my secrets because I can't trust anyone anymore!""You've got Chuck." Casey said."There are a few things even I can't tell him. He would disown me as a friend, if he even believed them.""You can tell me." Casey looked at Morgan and said, "You have my word that none of this information will be given to Chuck or anyone else in the world except for me."Morgan looked at Casey and said,"Oh yeah... what happened to Mr. Tough-guy? Did he decide to take a sabbatical? You're not really Casey are you... you're trying to get information from me. Where am I? Are you Russian...? Cause I really don't hear an accent." Morgan couldn't believe that Casey would listen... or care.Casey growled at Morgan who flinched and then winced."I am no more a KGB agent than you are a world-class superspy.""ow... that hurts." Said Morgan with mock-hurt."In that case, tell me what the problem is and if you breathe a word of this to Chuck, Sarah, or Beckman I will break every bone in your body... uh... again.""Ahhhh... there's Casey.""Tell me now." Casey growledMorgan looked at Casey, whose eyes were looking directly at him. Then Morgan began to have second thoughts. Casey's a mega-conservative... he won't like... guys like me."On second thought... maybe we should just... ummm... get coffee and forget the whole thing."Casey lost his patience and pulled Morgan close to his face. Having Morgan nose to nose with him, Casey said,"Now or I will end you."Morgan started to shake again. Oh well I was going to die someday anyway. Morgan summoned up all of his courage, and strength, and leaned forward and kissed Casey on the lips. The effect was electric and immediate. Morgan felt his cock start to get hard in his pants and felt a bead of sweat run down his neck. Casey leaped back breaking the kiss and immediately pulled out his gun, pointing it directly at Morgan."What the HELL WAS THAT!?" He nearly yelled.Morgan just said nothing and started off into space, still experiencing the kiss. He looked at Casey and his eyes went wide with alarm."Shit... Casey I didn't mean to... oh god, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no!" He was holding his head in his hands and sobbing. "I'm so... sorry..."But his words fell upon an empty room because Casey had just sprinted out the doorway. What do you think? Send me an email for ideas and maybe I'll put them in the story. (Credit will be given where due – put your author name in any emails so I can safely give you credit.) Thanks
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